How To Run A Promotion On A Facebook Timeline Page

By Jackie Cohen Comment

A promotion building company called Antavo has shown us how to create a promotion on a Facebook timeline page, shown below.

Rumor has it Facebook will announce a small beta test of timeline for pages at next Wednesday’s first-ever marketing conference in New York, and it’s also possible that day may also witness the first rollout of the feature to all profiles on the site, or at least within a single country.

Meanwhile, Antavo’s Co-Founder Zsuzsa Szabo has three ideas about how to maximize the timeline layout on a page to do promotions.

  • Small pictures could be uploaded to the tabs, which are widgets now. The best way to show the active tab is to show it coloured.
  • Promotions would have a wide canvas, and they might have small reminders on the main page.
  • The cover photo will give a very instant tool for marketers — they will not need to use applications, because it will be a simple photo-upload. Marketers can change it as often as they want, because it’s very easy. They can put seasonal info there with currently running promotions.

What do you think of Szabo’s suggestions, readers?