1 In 4 Brands Have Upgraded To Facebook's Timeline

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook said that within one week of introducing timeline for pages on February 29, eight million pages had adopted the new layout.

There are roughly 37 million brand pages on the social network, and the other 29 million will be migrated over to timeline on March 30, assuming they don’t upgrade on their own before that date.

The fact that more than one in four brands have upgraded within two weeks may help Facebook counteract the strong criticism that the advanced layout has met from consumers.

Facebook also offered some success stories from brands that made the transition, including:

  • Ben & Jerry’s used the social network’s reach generator promotion to quadruple its normal reach to 98 percent of users who liked its page, as well as to double its engagement rate, during a 28-day period.
  • Dr. Pepper hasn’t yet converted to timeline, but used reach generator for its sponsored stories and “Man’ments” campaign to reach 83 percent of the brand’s fans over a 28-day period, seeing people talking about the brand skyrocket 140 percent and engagement soar 80 percent.
  • Ford said its Ford Mustang page has seen “significant increases” in people talking about this and engagement since adopting timeline February 29, and plans to use logout ads in the near future.

Readers: Have you spotted any innovative uses of timeline by brands on Facebook?