How To Trick Out The Action Side Of Facebook Timeline

By Jackie Cohen Comment

The right-hand side of timeline will soon be the official home for the action-oriented applications that make use of variations on the like button.

As of this writing, the promised layout has yet to materialize on Facebook, so we’re still seeing wall posts showing up in both columns of the timeline.

But soon, the left side will effectively be the wall, and the right side will show what you’re doing in different applications.

The demos we watched last night suggest that this new right-hand column will have a chronological organization, just like the left side has.

Curating this side of the timeline will become a matter of deciding what to include and what to hide from view.

Moving your mouse over to the upper right-hand corner of each item on the timeline makes visible two icons:

  • A star, which lets you choose to hide or highlight a timeline post; and
  • A pencil icon,which when clicked upon pulls down a longer menu of items. This includes hide the item, delete it, mark the item as spam, add a location or time to it.

Furthermore, you’ll want to go into the privacy settings in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and adjust how much of your activity in each application you want to go out to news feeds.

Click the little down arrow in the uppermost right-hand corner of the page, then click on “edit settings” beneath and to the right of “apps and websites.”

Then on the ensuing page, click the box labeled “edit settings” next to the column of apps you use, and then click on the next page click “edit” next to each app to adjust each one.