Facebook Rolls Out New, Bigger Link Previews In News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

Earlier this week, Inside Facebook reported that Facebook was bumping up the size of its link previews, with an enhanced image size and room for more text. While we didn’t have a screen shot to show you then, readers have started to see the new link previews in the news feed.

While the link previews are larger (with the main image growing from 90 x 90 pixels to 154 x 154 pixels) for standard links, they remain the same size when a user posts a video from YouTube:

However, the link preview shrinks down to normal size when multiple friends share the same link:

Facebook offered more details on the new link preview design in a post on its developer blog:

Now, when a person shares a link to a page in your application that contains a large image (200 x 200 pixels or larger), it will be presented more prominently in news feed. These larger images draw higher engagement from friends, which drives more people to your app.

To take advantage of this improvement, be sure to include large images and tag them appropriately. Please provide the largest images you have, and we will automatically down-sample and crop them for people based on the device they’re using. For more information, please see our documentation and best practices.

Readers: Do you think the new link previews will make these kinds of posts more attractive to fans?