Facebook Recommendations Now Playing On TV Guide

By Jackie Cohen Comment

TVGuide.com just expanded its listings to include rankings of how much people talking about different television shows on Facebook and elsewhere online.

Others have already been ranking TV shows based on social buzz. SocialGuide recently launched a daily, weekly and monthly list ranking the most social TV programs and networks, and Trendrr also ranks shows according to social influence in their social television charts.

The results you see on Trendrr and Social Guide, however, are likely to differ from those on TVGuide.com, as the site is including its own statistics in addition to data from Facebook and Twitter.

And while other services like TV Genius and Clicker already recommend shows to people based on what their Facebook friends are discussing, neither has the kind of brand power of TVGuide.com, let alone a long history of providing content about what’s playing on the proverbial boob tube.

It’s about time that Facebook chatter factored into the age-old television guide’s content, with so many people deciding what to watch based on what their friends share online.

But there’s a difference between what one’s own friends on Facebook recommend and a ranking of what everyone on social media suggests.

Readers, what’s your preferred way to find out about television programming?