Facebook Open Graph Boosts Pose Signups Fivefold

By David Cohen Comment

Fashion-themed application Pose has fashioned an increase in daily signups of five times its previous rate since incorporating Facebook open graph actions.

The Facebook developer blog‘s latest spotlight of an app flourishing with open graph focused on Pose, which combines a mobile app, a canvas app, and a website.

Open graph action verbs successfully incorporated by Pose include “pose,” “comment,” and “love,” and when it comes to the latter, Pose created objects for categories, including brands, which allows users to compile their own aggregations, such as “most loved brands.”

“What Pose does well,” according to the developer blog:

Pose mapped the most frequent interactions people take in its app — pose, comment, and love — to open graph actions to maximize the number of stories users publish.

When a user makes a comment, Pose adds the comment to the message property on the action. As more people interact with the story, the more the story will appear in news feed.

Finally, Pose created objects for categories, such as brands, which allows them to create interesting aggregations for users (e.g., most loved brands).

Readers: Have you spotted any interesting uses of open graph action verbs by other apps?