Sell Books Of Your Facebook Photos Using Blurb

By David Cohen Comment

Publishing and marketing platform Blurb became the latest company to offer Facebook users a way to publish their Facebook photos in a book, providing basically the same functions as similar services, with one unique twist: you can offer the books for sale.

Blurb allows users to create seven-inch-by-seven-inch photo books, complete with captions and comments, at prices ranging from $10.95 for a 20-page soft-cover edition all the way up to $86.96 for a hard-cover “Image Wrap” of 401 to 440 pages.

Features offered by Blurb include:

  • The ability to custom-design a book with a few mouse clicks;
  • Page layouts that were designed to highlight captions and comments;
  • Automatic image optimization to ensure high print quality;
  • The ability to edit, personalize, and customize books;
  • The option of sharing and selling books via the bookstore; and
  • The ability to create eBooks for the iPad.

Our take: The option of selling the books is interesting, but how many books would attract buyers? Photos from exotic locations might be able to find some type of market, but will anyone pony up for pictures from your 30th birthday party?

The offerings currently available via the bookstore are far more creative than the average Facebook user’s photo albums.

Readers: Have you used any of the apps or tools that create books or photo albums from your Facebook photos?