Facebook Halloween Photo Uploads Will Top 1.2 Billion

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Most likely photo uploading to Facebook will outdo the more than 1.2 billion images that went up last year at this time — ten times the number that got uploaded for Halloween in 2008.

Exactly how much that number will grow remains a tough call.

About a year ago, the site had around 600 million members and today membership exceeds 800 million, but because Halloween is largely a U.S. holiday and Facebook’s growth occurred the most outside of the country, it would be inaccurate to forecast that 20011 would have one third more pictures than 2010.

Besides, the biggest surge in photo uploads will occur on Tuesday, not before the holiday or the day of, according to Facebook Data Scientist, Itamar Rosenn.

He said, “The day after Halloween is one of the biggest photo sharing days of the year. Our data demonstrates that Halloween is the perfect visual and social holiday to share with friends.”

Facebook pointed out that Heidi Klum is doing a Halloween promotion on Unicef’s page, enabling people to create virtual costumes while donating to charity.

Readers, how is Facebook tying into your Halloween planning, if at all?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.