Facebook Now Treats 3rd Party Publishing Apps Equally

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook has finally adjusted its news feed to give equal visibility to posts coming from all of the third party publishing applications.

The Manager of Facebook’s Preferred Developer Consultant Program, Matt Trainer, said in a post in the developers’ forums that the site has fixed its news feed algorithm to stop aggregating posts from all third-party publishing tools, giving them equal treatment.

A Facebook spokesperson qualified that the most recent “added more signals to detect good quality posting behavior. This should help improve the situation with the distribution of posts coming from third-party apps in the news feed.”

Until a week ago, Facebook’s news feed had aggregated posts from some third-party publishing tools, effectively hiding postings from users.

However, some of the third-party applications were exempt from the aggregation, meaning that all posts sent through these apps became visible in people’s news feeds.

The apps that got this preferential treatment included wares from:

  • Buddy Media
  • Vitrue
  • Involver
  • Context Optional
  • Syncapse

As the public learned about this preferential treatment, it became only a matter of time before Facebook would adjust its policies so that all third-party publishing tools would enjoy the same visibility in the news feed.

And since a number of other significant changes to the news feed have altered the the visibility of pages’ posts, it seems like a fitting concession for Facebook to treat all third-party publishing tools the same — by not aggregating posts.

Readers, are you noticing any improvement in how third-party applications post to Facebook’s news feed?