Facebook Adds Open Graph Actions Such As Run, Quote, Want To Watch

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has been experimenting with ways that allow users to be more expressive — such as structured status updates and more info in the “about” section. The social network Friday announced new open graph actions that let people tell a little more about what they’ve done through Facebook-connected applications.

Through Facebook’s open graph, users can share that they listened to songs on Spotify or went on runs with Nike+. Now there are more options for apps.

Facebook announced the following new open graph actions:

For instance, if you have the Nike+ Running app but you feel like taking the bicycle one day, now the open graph action created by the app can reflect that.

As Facebook’s Dan Giambalvo writes in the developers’ blog, this will lead to more engaging News Feed content:

Following yesterday’s news, we’ve created beautiful News Feed stories on mobile and Web to showcase these actions. We want people who use your apps to be excited about how their stories are presented in News Feed – whether they’re sharing a major life moment, like their first marathon, or something smaller, like finishing a book they were reading.

Giambalvo wrote that some apps have already had this functionality. For instance, fitness apps using open graph actions reported to Facebook that this kind of connectivity usually doubled the average likes per story.

Facebook highlighted some of the apps that have these new actions:

Readers: How often do you share your activity to your timeline with these apps?

Images courtesy of Facebook and Shutterstock.