Facebook Testing A Return Of Notifications In Admin Panel

By Justin Lafferty 

In March, Facebook made a change to the admin panel for page owners, replacing the notifications space with a list of posts and reach data, as well as a button where page administrators can pay to promote posts. This was a very unwelcome change among marketers and page owners. However, many page owners noticed late Wednesday that the section in question has changed so that users can toggle between post metrics and notifications.

Throughout the spring, page owners were quite unhappy that Facebook had made the change, feeling that it was just another way to push promoted posts. Facebook told AllFacebook in April that this decision was not meant to get more page admins to buy ads, also noting that the format might change in the future:

The enhancements were driven by the need to expose key post metrics more prominently to admins, and as we continue to roll out, we’re seeing several usage metrics rise (indicating positive responses to the updates).

We’re always striving to make reporting tools for marketers as helpful as possible, so the design of this tool is something we’ll likely continue to iterate on.

Now it appears that the admin panel has changed so that page owners can toggle between page metrics and notifications. It defaults, whenever the admin panel is accessed, to posts.

Readers: Do you feel that this new admin panel design is a fair compromise?