Facebook Makes It Easier For Developers To Create Open Graph Actions

By Justin Lafferty 

One month after Facebook gave developers more options for Open Graph actions, the site is making it easier for those developers to create engaging stories, as well as to set up collections for users’ Timelines.

The social network announced Monday on its developer blog that developers now have more tools to create better Open Graph stories — which post to the News Feed whenever someone listens to a song on Spotify or goes for a run with Nike+, or other similar applications.

In addition to making it easier to code Open Graph actions, Facebook has simplified the process to show what a story will look like once it’s posted to the News Feed.

Developers can now set up collections to be shown on the left-hand side of users’ Timelines. Facebook explained more in the blog post:

In addition to News Feed stories, users can now add your app’s content to dedicated collections on their timelines and about pages. For example, a recipe app can include collections such as “Recently Cooked Recipes” or “Top Recipes.” Collections can also have different layouts, such as lists, map, and gallery below. To learn about setting up timeline collections, see our Collections documentation.

Readers: How often do you engage with apps that post Open Graph actions?