The World Mourns Steve Jobs With Facebook Eulogies

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Posts mourning the passing of Steve Jobs are going up on Facebook once every second as of this writing.

These posts began hitting the social network the moment the news of his death broke.

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg posted a eulogy to the Apple founder as a status update, thanking Jobs for being a mentor and friend.

Zuckerberg’s post elicited 47,484 likes and 3,879 within ten minutes of hitting the site.

Many of the shares of Zuckerberg’s status update include miniature elegies and links to Jobs’ public speeches, including the one he gave at 2005 Stanford graduation (we’ve embedded a video of it below).

Others are linking to the official statements by Jobs’ family and Apple’s board of directors.

And a growing number of people are changing their main profile images to a picture of Steve Jobs that includes his birth and death dates.

As other Facebook executives — like Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor — post elegy status updates, they get liked and shared by users who subscribe to those profiles.

Pages devoted to the 56-year-old Apple founder’s memory continue to sprout up on Facebook.

In all of the aforementioned places, comments about Jobs flood the site, as fans of the iPhone, iPad, Macintosh and other Apple devices pay tribute to their creator.

Readers, what are your friends on Facebook saying about Steve Jobs right now?