LinkedIn And Twitter Dwarf Facebook For Recruiters: INFOGRAPHIC

By David Cohen Comment

Recruitment platform Bullhorn Reach threw cold water on the hot topic of Facebook as a job-recruiting leader, saying LinkedIn and Twitter are better.

In its examination of more than 35,000 recruiters, Bullhorn found that LinkedIn was behind the most job views and applications, adding that Twitter followers were much more likely to apply to jobs than LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends.

Other statistics from Bullhorn’s report included:

  • Despite the fact that recruiters have fewer connections on Twitter, 19 percent are connected to both LinkedIn and Twitter, while 10 percent are connected to both LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Recruiters add more Twitter followers to their network per week than Facebook, and they will grow their Twitter networks much faster than their networks on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn drives three times the amount of job views of Twitter and six times that of Facebook.
  • LinkedIn also drives almost nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter.
  • The typical recruiter has 616 LinkedIn connections, 245 Facebook friends, and 37 Twitter followers.
  • Recruiters add an average of 18.5 LinkedIn connections, 3.1 Twitter followers, and 1.5 Facebook friends per week.

Highlights from Bullhorn’s conclusion follow:

Currently, Facebook has the least amount of network activity among agency and corporate recruiters. One would anticipate them to alter their strategies going forward to leverage the power of the largest social network (e.g., employee referral programs).

Also, as more job seekers look to leverage Facebook as a professional network, one might expect Facebook to grow as a recruiting network. Companies may begin to harness Facebook more to recruit potential candidates (e.g., friends, alumni, etc.) through their demographic and geographic relationships with current employees.