Facebook Groups Now Show Who Viewed Each Post

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook wants to let you know when messages are seen. Now it also wants to let you know when Facebook groups’ posts are seen. The company announced Wednesday that you can now see exactly who views each post.

This is a key tool for people who use Facebook groups, as they can see who went to the group page and read the post (and when they did). Both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook will have this new feature.

What does it look like?

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine elaborated:

They’ll certainly simplify coordination in groups and remove the need for “Did you see that?” messages. But the question we have to ask is, will read receipts come to the news feed?

First, here’s how they work in groups. Whenever someone publishes an update, a soon as at least one person sees it, a count will be displayed of the total number of impressions. Any user, group member, or administrator can then hover on the count to see a drop-down list of the names of everyone who has seen the post. You can see these counts and lists from Web or mobile.

Constine said Facebook wouldn’t discuss whether or not read receipts will make it onto the news feed.

Readers: If you are a member of a Facebook group, how much does this help?

Image courtesy of Facebook.