Facebook, German Officials to Target Refugee-Related Hate Posts

By David Cohen Comment


German justice minister Heiko Maas emerged from a meeting with Facebook officials with a plan to combat hate posts on the social network related to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Reuters reported that Maas met with officials from the social network Monday, after Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Facebook to become more involved in the process.

According to Reuters, racist, hate and xenophobic posts on Facebook have been on the rise as a response to the “record-breaking” influx of refugees that Germany expects to arrive this year.

Maas told Reuters the Ministry of Justice would establish a task force with Facebook, other social networks and Internet-service providers to identify and remove such posts quickly, adding during a press conference:

This is a joint task for the whole of society, and I am very grateful to Facebook that they are taking their responsibly in this joint task.

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