How To Find Facebook Friends By City

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Since Facebook relaunched its homepage a few months ago, many users have worried that it’s no longer possible to filter your friends by city. Fortunately, there is still a hidden method that we’ll tell you about in this article.

Facebook Pulls Friend Discovery

For those Facebook users who have more than a couple hundred close friends, managing all these digital relationships can be challenging. However, at some point over the past few months Facebook (accidentally?) pulled the friend management tools, limiting visibility to recent friend requests and contacts who’ve recently updated their information. But this morning, I’ve noticed the return of a button linking to the “edit friends” page, and while I’m not sure exactly when it returned, it has been accessible all along via the page’s URL.

How To Find Friends By City

Recently InteractedWhen planning events or simply looking to get in contact with local friends, it’s extremely useful to know what city they’re in. Once you click on the “edit friends” button from the friends page (or simply visiting this link), you will be presented a screen which shows the friends you’ve interacted with most recently. Once you click on the “recently interacted” box, you will see a drop-down like the one pictured on the right. All you need to do is select your current city (for me that’s San Francisco, California in the picture) or select “search by current city”.

I’ve noticed that this search doesn’t always work, so you actually need to try a few times. It always eventually works, though (yes I know, that’s really annoying).

Not Used Or Overlooked?

The bugs in this feature and Facebook’s temporary unlinking of this page makes me wonder if this feature was simply not used by most users on the site or if Facebook simply overlooked the page. I’ve found that being able to filter my friends by city is extremely useful. Is this limited to me, or are you a regular user of this feature as well? Also, let us know in the comments section whether you find any bugs in the tool.