‘Facebook For Every Phone’ Page Hits More Than 200M Likes

By Justin Lafferty 

More people access Facebook from their phones (and tablets) than on desktop, but that figure isn’t limited to iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerrys. Many people all over the world check their Facebook from feature phones, and it shows. Facebook for Every Phone, the official page for Facebook’s feature phone application, passed 200 million likes Tuesday and shows little signs of slowing.

Facebook for Every Phone is the most popular page on the social network by far. The next most-liked page is Facebook, which has roughly 87 million fans.

The Facebook for Every Phone app is compatible with more than 3,600 Java-enabled cell phones. According to Inside Facebook, feature phone users are given the option to like the page once they first log into the app.

The Facebook for Every Phone page has been growing like crazy, and shows no signs of stopping. Here’s a graph illustrating total likes, from PageData:

Just in February alone, already roughly 3.8 million people have liked the page. Its most popular week was that of Jan. 20, 2013. Facebook for Every Phone is most popular in Bangkok, Thailand, and its biggest age demographic is between 18 and 24 years old.

According to PageData, this page is the fastest-growing on Facebook and the top page overall, in terms of likes. In terms of app pages, it is also the fastest grower in terms of the people talking about this metric.

Readers: Do you access Facebook from a feature phone?