Facebook Executives Sitting On A Fortune Of Stock Value

By Justin Lafferty 

Several top Facebook executives, including Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, are sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their company’s stock, but they have no plans to sell. As 234 million shares of Facebook stock became unlocked and eligible to sell Monday, Business Insider discovered just how much key Facebook executives are sitting on.

How much could the top minds at Facebook stand to make, if they chose to sell their stock?

  • Sheryl Sandberg, COO: 34 million shares worth $790 million at conversion. However, 15 million of these shares were withheld. Sandberg converted the rest to class-A stock that can be sold.
  • David Ebersman, Chief Financial Officer: 4.2 million shares worth $97 million at conversion. 2.2 million of these have been converted to class-A stock.
  • Theodore Ullyot, general counsel: 2.5 million shares worth $58 million. He has 1.4 million class-A shares.
  • David Fischer, vice president of marketing: 1.1 million shares worth $26 million. Of his total, 568,282 shares can now be sold.
  • Michael Schroepfer, VP of engineering: Roughly 3 million shares worth $70 million. 1.5 million of his shares can be sold.
  • David Spillane, chief accounting officer: 700,000 shares worth $16 million. Spillane has 416,479 shares that can now be sold.

The next big date to watch for is Nov. 14, when an additional 777 million shares of Facebook will become available to sell.

Readers: Do you think Sandberg and others should sell some of their stock for quick millions?