How To Work Holiday Cheer For Facebook Engagement

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The winter holiday season is the best time to boost engagement, as Facebook fans get excited about fun, holiday-themed promotions, and look for creative inspiration from brands’ pages.

With that in mind, here are five proven, holiday-themed social messaging ideas that will ignite engagement and inspire holiday cheer.

Ask Holiday Questions

A great way to interact with your audience during the holidays is to begin a dialogue. Asking simple questions about the holiday in a way that alludes to your brand enables fun communication with your audience.

For example, Kraft Foods used the holiday season toward its advantage by not only showing fans what to do with remaining Halloween candy, but asking them what they do with all leftovers. Adding a complementary photo and link also enables fans to continue the engagement by reading more.

Tap Fans’ Nostalgia

The holidays are full of nostalgia, so engage your fans with messages that encourage them to reminisce on your page.

They’ll connect the warm emotions they feel with your brand as well.

Every holiday has its own associated traditions, but more importantly many individuals have special traditions they would like to share.

Take advantage of this commonality between the brand and the audience by asking your fans to reflect on their associated memories.

Bonus branding points go to companies that tie in the memory prompt with the brand personality. It is very important to use descriptive words and add details in order to spark nostalgia with your audience.

For example, Nestle Toll House’s status makes fans reminisce and want to share their special traditions.

Highlight Seasonal Products And Services

The holidays provide a great reason to run seasonal promotions.

Most brands release seasonal items or plan limited production runs around specific dates.

Using your Facebook page is a great way to create awareness of your seasonal products or services.

Fans or followers will get excited to engage with the brand; especially if the products or services are for a limited time.

Keurig provides a great example when it announced its fall flavors on Facebook.

Help Your Fans Out

Giving your fans specific tips and strategic advice on how to use a product or service will make them feel like insiders.

Fans will engage and continue to come back to your page because they are appreciative of the newly-gained knowledge.

The holidays are a great time to offer season-specific advice, especially if your brand strives to be a thought leader in its industry.

Consider this example from Hewlett-Packard:The company isolated a customer group (those that take photos and might be interested in HP camera or picture editing technology) and wrote helpful, holiday-themed article.

Surprise Your Fans With A Treat

During the holidays, fans love freebies because the season represents giving and sharing.

Change things up by giving your fans the VIP treatment.

They will feel their loyalty to your brand is appreciated. For example, Vevo put together a Halloween-themed playlist and shared it with fans.

Fans were receptive and used the playlist for their Halloween parties.

By asking questions, providing advice or creating nostalgia, your brand will be able to make a closer connection with fans. Spark holiday cheer for all to hear and you’ll continue to see increased engagement in 2012.

The team at Wildfire Interactive compiled this guest post.