Facebook Swapping Out Credits, Adding Subscription Billing

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook announced Tuesday that the company is doing away with Facebook Credits and transitioning to local currency. The social network also announced that it is accepting subscription billing for apps.

Simply put, these moves make it easier for Facebook gamers to spend more by cutting out the Facebook Credits middleman. Facebook Product Management Director Prashant Fuloria wrote in a blog post that despite the universal currency offered by Facebook, many apps implemented their own virtual currencies. This eliminated the need for Facebook Credits.

Fuloria wrote about how this makes it easier for app developers:

By supporting pricing in local currency, we hope to simplify the purchase experience, give you more flexibility, and make it easier to reach a global audience of Facebook users who want a way to pay for your apps and games in their local currency. With local pricing, you will be able to set more granular and consistent prices for non-U.S. users and price the same item differently on a market-by-market basis.

Facebook also saw the need for app developers to move to a subscription model, instead of a series of onetime payments. This new feature will be available throughout Facebook next month, but for now, subscriptions are being tested by Kixeye and Zynga.

Readers: How do you feel about these changes? Will they make it easier to play games or use Facebook-based apps?