Facebook Storefront Vendor Launches One-Item Store: Steve Jobs’ Biography

By David Cohen Comment

StoreYa, a Facebook version of the commerce platform Magento, came up with a novel way to draw attention to itself and benefit charity at the same time.

The Tel Aviv-based developer launched a Facebook store of its own to sell copies of Steve Jobs, the biography of the late Apple co-founder, by Walter Issacson. Revenue from book sales will go toward cancer research.

As for stores using StoreYa to sell items besides the Jobs biography, features include:

  • One-click import of inventory from e-commerce storefronts set up with the Magento platform;
  • Manual adding and editing of products;
  • An analytics dashboard;
  • Support for more than 30 currencies;
  • Integration of like, share, and comment; and
  • Use of merchants’ existing e-commerce channels for sales, returns, and order processing.

Use of the StoreYa platform starts at $10 per month.

StoreYa Chief Executive Officer Yariv Dror said:

Even though we didn’t know Steve Jobs in person, he changed our lives, and his death has touched us all. We were all thinking of what we can do in his memory. When we heard that he admired Mark Zuckerberg and the company he built, we decided to step aside from our platform’s regular focus of importing stores for others into Facebook, and to import a store for Steve — letting him do just “One More Thing” and conquer Facebook, too. Since this is not done for revenue purposes, the money from this store will be donated to cancer research.