Browser Plugin Restyles Facebook Timeline

By Jackie Cohen 

The creator of Timeline Remove, a company called Secuna, has come out with a new variation on the browser plugin called Restyle Timeline, roughly one week after accusing a competitor of copying the removal tool.

This newest browser plugin doesn’t replace that first product, Timeline Remove, but rather offers another approach for those disgruntled with the Facebook layout: restyling, not removing.

Now, like the removal product, Restyle Timeline uses open source technology (hence the easy copying) and works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari and it will soon launch in versions for Internet Explorer and Opera.

Restyle Timeline can actually be installed together with Timeline Remove, the developer tells us. This newest plugin gives users the choice of:

  • Removing the cover image and reverting to a single-column layout ; or
  • Keeping the cover image while reverting to a single-column layout.

Those two options address the complaints we’ve been seeing from individuals’ posts on Facebook, both in the help center and AllFacebook’s wall on the social network.

The developers promise that the extension also improves speed and navigability on profiles and pages, but we don’t yet know whether that’s an accurate claim.

More importantly, the browser plugins don’t actually remove or restyle timeline on Facebook proper, but only do so for users who install the extension.

This makes the fix a cosmetic one, although this would still be an improvement for people who genuinely dislike timeline.

Meanwhile, we’ve yet to hear of a definitive start date for all profiles to have a mandatory timeline rollover.

Facebook has quietly eased up on a previous plan to put the advanced layout on all individual accounts across the site, instead advancing brand pages ahead of the usual order of redesigns by giving them all timeline on March 30.

Readers, have you tried any browser extension to rid your screen of the timeline layout?