Facebook For Android 2.0 Is Built For Speed

By Justin Lafferty 

Earlier this year, Facebook gave its native iOS application a much-needed speed upgrade. Now Facebook has done the same with its Android app. The social network claims that Facebook for Android 2.0 — available later Thursday — is twice as fast when looking at photos and much quicker to launch.

Much like Facebook did with iOS, the company completely retooled its Android app, rebuilding it with native code.

Facebook for Android 2.0 will include faster launch times, as well as quicker load times for photos and timeline. Users should be able to simply tap photos to see them instantly.

Facebook for Android Engineer Frank Qixing Du discussed the upgrade in a note:

Today we’re releasing a new version of Facebook for Android that’s been rebuilt in native code to improve speed and performance. To support the unique complexity of Facebook stories across devices, we’re moving from a hybrid native/webview to pure native code, allowing us to optimize the Facebook experience for faster loading, new user interfaces, disk cache, and so on.

We rebuilt several of Facebook for Android’s core features in native code, including news feed and timeline, to create a faster experience whether you’re opening the app, looking at photos, or interacting with friends. Now, you can comment and like a story more quickly, and photo loading is optimized to be much faster. We also built a new, automatically updated story banner to bubble up the newest stories, no matter where you are in news feed.

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