PageLever Employee Uses Facebook Ads To Turn Records Into $10,000

By Justin Lafferty 

Who says Facebook ads don’t work? Brendan Irvine-Broque, the director of growth at PageLever, wanted to get rid of a sizable vinyl record stash. So he spent $150 to promote an event, inviting people to come purchase records at $3 a pop. At the end of the day, Irvine-Broque had $10,000 in his hands.

Irvine-Broque posted this success story on his blog in direct response to a company’s claim that Facebook advertising fails because of the high click-through rate coming from bots. Before he started working in the tech field, he started a business selling used vinyl records. While he enjoyed that, eventually, records started piling up. He had to get rid of them.

So Irvine-Broque created an event and promoted it through Facebook. 341 people said they’d go, with 104 maybes. He wasn’t confident that more than a few would actually show up to buy records, but sure enough, that day, he found a line of people waiting to peruse his collection.

He was able to turn $150 in ads (plus $200 in records) into $10,000 in one day. What did he learn from this?

At the end of the day, hundreds of happy customers later, I counted $10,000 in cash (and some payments accepted via Square — yes, I’m reporting the income, IRS). Over 3,000 records sold in one afternoon. The majority of my customers came from Facebook ads, so what is the calculated ROI (return on investment), 2,000%? 3,000%? You do the math.

No optimization, no professional consultant, no special relationship with an account manager. As far as I’m concerned, clicks coming from Facebook are the realest clicks in the game right now.

Readers: Have you used Facebook ads for smaller-scale goals? How did that work out?