OUCH! Some Facebook Users See Seven Ads Per Window

By David Cohen Comment

If it seems like just weeks ago since Facebook began placing six advertisements on the right-hand side of some users’ screens, that’s because it really was just. And now some users are seeing seven of them.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported that in instances where seven ads are being displayed, they are also located “below the fold,” in an area lower than the part of the page many users see without scrolling down, depending upon browser and screen size.

The social network will likely continue to play around with ad placement.

Locating ads where users must scroll down could result in lower click-through rates, meaning lower revenue for Facebook.

However, as Inside Facebook pointed out, the company must factor in user experience and page performance, as well, and Facebook users will not be happy if their pages are covered with ads like race cars or outfield walls at minor-league ballparks.

Timeline pages have been limited to one or two ads thus far. Some people find this ironic because the advanced profile has become stickier than the homepage of late.

Readers: How many ads are you currently seeing?