Facebook Timeline Pushes Engagement Up 176%: Adobe

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook post engagement soared 176 percent in the first quarter of 2012 compared with the year-ago period, largely due to platform changes such as timeline for pages, according to the results of a new report from Adobe.

The Efficient Frontier and Context Optional units of Adobe tapped a client index of more than 15 advertisers and 20 million likes from several verticals, analyzing advertiser and user behavior.

Among Adobe’s other findings were:

  • Ad spending on Facebook rose 93 percent over the year, and Adobe said ad spending on the social network now represents three percent to five percent of the total for the dominant player in the online advertising category, search.
  • Brands will focus on boosting their like totals in 2012, which will keep cost-per-click rates rising and result in a 100 percent jump in 2013.
  • Marketplace ads will not be swept up in this wave of increases until the social network can prove their return on investment.
  • Cost-per-click rates on sponsored stories are lower than those on marketplace ads, which may result in a temporary drop in CPC rates, even though they have increased 40 percent quarterly for the past three periods.

Adobe concluded:

While Facebook is clearly an emerging market to watch, search still remains the biggest driver of return on investment for marketers absorbing the majority of biddable digital advertising spend.