Facebook Adds Cover Photo Capabilities To IOS App

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook pushed its latest iOS native application update Monday, giving users the ability to change their cover photos from their phones or tablets. The latest version of the iOS app also improved group messaging features.

These features are already in the Android version, but they have now been installed on the app for Apple devices. Just like on Android, iOS users can choose photos from their phone (or take them on the spot), but they cannot select new cover photos from among those they’ve already uploaded to Facebook.

To choose a new cover photo from among the ones on your phone, tap the cover photo on your mobile Timeline to access the menu.

The update also makes it easier to start a group message.

UPDATE: Sister blog Inside Facebook pointed out that the icon users must click to hide posts or mark them as spam is virtually invisible, which may skew their feedback results. See the screen shot below, courtesy of Inside Facebook:

Readers: What else do you want to see from the iOS app?