Facebook Acquires Facial Recognition Site Face.com

By Justin Lafferty 

As previously rumored, Facebook announced Monday morning that it has acquired Face.com, an Israeli-based facial recognition site. TechCrunch reports that the social network will likely use Face.com’s software to bolster mobile photo tagging.

It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg is pulling out all of the stops to enhance Facebook’s mobile photo capabilities, first with the acquisition of Instagram, then the development of Facebook Camera, and now this. Multiple reports say that Facebook bought Face.com for anywhere from $80 million to $100 million.

Face.com CEO Gil Hirsch wrote about the acquisition on the website’s blog:

We love building products, and, like our friends at Facebook, we think that mobile is a critical part of people’s lives as they both create and consume content, and share content with their social graph. By working with Facebook directly and joining their team, we’ll have more opportunities to build amazing products that will be employed by consumers — that’s all we’ve ever wanted to do.

Face.com, which was founded in 2007, develops facial recognition technology that identifies people in photos. The company makes Klik, an iPhone facial recognition app. According to sister site AppData, Klik has 40,000 monthly active users.

A Facebook spokesperson wrote to VentureBeat about the move:

People who use Facebook enjoy sharing photos and memories with their friends, and Face.com’s technology has helped to provide the best photo experience. This transaction simply brings a world-class team and a long-time technology vendor in house.

Readers: How do you feel about all the advances Facebook has made with regard to mobile photography?