Evolution of the Geek — From the 1500s to the Glee Geek [Infographic]

By Lauren Dugan Comment

According to Flowtown’s infographic, “geeks” have been around since the 1500 – although back then they were fools biting the heads off chickens. Over time, geeks gained the almighty pocket protector, became obsessed with iProducts, and traded in their suspenders for ironic hipster t’s. Take a look at their Evolution of the Geek infographic, and see where you fit in on the timeline of Geekdom.

The Evolution of the Geek follows the noble path of geeks throughout the ages. The Geekus Prime is the original closest relative to the geeks we know today – a product of the 1950s complete with calculator and thick rimmed glasses. From there, the geek goes through several evolutions to take us to the present-day array of geeks: obsessed with something and considered to be “cool” because of it.

The modern geek has moved past its predecessors in a stunning display of Darwinian logic. Each species of new geek is part of the genus “Geek Chic”, a cool, ultra-geek that has taken ownership of geekiness and proudly sports the look and the mannerisms.

Food geeks, theater geeks, Glee geeks… these are all part of the modern geekdom. If you look up from this present-day picture, you’ll notice that other branches of the Geekdom end on the World of Warcraft geek, music geek, video game geek and others. These are apparently other species of geeks that don’t quite make the cut for “Geek Chic”.

Flowtown has made other social media-related infographics as well. We took a look at their 2010 Social Networking Map over the summer, and it’s definitely worth a revisit!

So, where do you fit in on the timeline of Geekdom?