Everloop Reveals First-Ever Moderated SMS for Kids

By Azam Khan 

Everloop, the innovative social media site designed for tweens, has just expanded their notorious onlinesafety and moderation to mobile devices. The feature, dubbed ‘EverText’, is the first ever real-timemoderated SMS for kids, as it gives parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their kid’s mobile conversations. More after the jump.

The popularity of mobile messaging and social networks among kids has rapidly grown over the past couple years. Unfortunately, so have the associated risks such as identity theft, hackers, stalkers, and third party trackers. Everloop’s new service seeks to secure online / mobile communication for kids. Assuch, EverText features a 24/7 moderation service that includes message filters, account management, and live monitors to block profanity, inappropriate conversations and sharing too much personal info.

“Everloop is proud to extend our secure social media platform to include the fastest growing category of technology, mobile devices,” said Hilary DeCesare, co-founder and CEO of Everloop. “With over eight million kids owning a cell phone and being active online, there is great potential for all the same dangers associated with other forms of technology, such as cyber bullying and inappropriate behavior.”

Everloop strives to keep privacy a major priority and complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Parents can select which of their child’s actions on the site they would like to benotified about, and have the option to restrict features like IM and friend suggestions. The EverText component is no different. Not only can parents set limits to stay within their family’s mobile dataplan, but they can also incorporate Everloop’s three levels of moderation, including patent-pendingtechnology filters, live moderation, and user reports of suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

Everloop launched in February and currently has over 2 million active users. In June, they raised 3.1million for expansion and made some resounding executive appointments. Sandy Barger, formerly with Walt Disney Studios, was appointed chief marketing officer. Tobin Trevarthen, formerly in sales at Time Warner and AOL, is vice president of business development.

Last month we covered their partnership with National Geographic’s Animal Jam and Mattel’s Monster High. Everloop faces competition with Togetherville, which was acquired by Disney in February, however, Evertext should give them an edge in the market for now.