Ever Wanted To Invite Your Online Friends To Watch A YouTube Video Together?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

With SynchTube you can create a video and have members of your group watch the same video at the same time. This is a way cool application because it doesn’t matter the location of each member; they could be located at different locations around the world and view the same video together at the same time.

When I first took a look at this nifty application, I didn’t see the big deal. Then, it dawned on me that you use SynchTube to view a video clip or full-length movie with your extended family, friends or clients at the same time. So, if your mom or client clicks on the wrong clip you know, or during a presentation you mistakenly pause the video while the client tries to turn up the volume you know. As a group you are still on the same page so to speak, and as a host, you know what the guests are doing.

Easily one can see how SynchTube is different from YouTube based on the fact that it’s a group format. You start the action by putting together a group viewing in which choosing the video to watch on SynchTube. Then, you invited those who you want to watch it with you.

It’s pretty simple. All you do is paste the chosen YouTube URL into the bar on the SynchTube homepage, and then start instant messaging, emailing or calling your viewers to view the video. Each viewer that arrives will be registered in the room on a list with the name beneath the video.

Now, you can converse with each other while the clip is playing via the chat room to your right of the page. After all the invited viewers have registered and joined your viewing room, you click on play to allow everyone to watch the video at the same time. A progress bar can be seen at each viewer’s name that shows where they’re at in relation to watching the video. You will know if someone paused or stopped the clip.

The host of the viewing has complete control over the video that’s being watched. This offers the host the ability to drag guests’ players to a specific spot in the clip. The host can also control access, keeping the viewing limited to those who were invited. Thus, the viewing party can’t be crashed by uninvited guests.

The practical uses of SynchTube are watching a home movie with the whole family, making sure everyone is watching an informational video at the same time, making sure clients see the same clip as you and using the chat room for tighter clarification of what is being viewed by the client.

The cost to use SynchTube is free, and it is highly suggested that you practice with friends or associates before doing a business presentation. Something to note if you use Internet Explorer, the application is not compatible with that program. You will need to use FireFox or another program that is compatible.