EU Commissioner Not Satisfied With Google’s Move to Label Search Results

By Cameron Scott 

google, target marketing, acquisitionsThe European market trial of Google’s search engine that identify results that point to other Google products will be extended a month and will likely be deemed inadequate, said competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia speaking to the European parliament.

“This market test should have been concluded yesterday, but at the request of some participants we have decided to prolong [by] one month the market test, so at the end of June we will receive the answers,” Mr. Almunia said in the European Parliament, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. “After we will analyze the responses … we will ask Google probably, I can’t anticipate this formally but almost 100 percent, we will ask Google to improve the proposals.”

Just when Google thought it was out, they pulled it back in.

It looked like Google had cleared itself of antitrust regulatory actions after the EU announced the tentative deal with the company in April and, in stateside, the FTC dropped its probe into the company’s search business.

Now it appears that the deal with the EU won’t be enough. Last week, reports indicated that the FTC was beginning a new investigation of Google, this time targeting its display ad business.