Etsy Launches in Spanish Por Fin

By Cameron Scott 

The handcrafts marketplace Etsy is finally available in Spanish, the company said today.

The site already offered user interfaces for speakers of German, French and Dutch.

In October, Esty said it would launch in two additional languages before the end of the year. The Spanish website is the first to launch since then.

The interest in a Spanish-language site was high, the company said on its blog. Many residents of Spanish-speaking countries were already selling on Etsy, despite its lack of support for Spanish. Esty had also seen a steady rise in purchases shipping to Spain and Latin America.

Esty developed the Spanish-language site using a group of about 80 volunteer translators under the guidance of several staffers focused on internationalization. It put out the call for volunteer translators in August.

One-third of Etsy’s transactions involve a buyer or seller living outside the United States, the company says. The site has 800,000 active sellers and brokered about $800 million in sales in 2012.