REPORT: Facebook Storefronts Still Thrive For Small, Midsized Businesses

By David Cohen Comment

Are Facebook storefronts in danger of going the way of the cassette tape and the Beta VCR? Not so fast, according to Facebook commerce provider Ecwid.

Although large retailers including Gap, JCPenney, Gamestop, and Nordstrom shuttered their storefronts on the social network, Facebook commerce is still thriving among small and midsized businesses, Ecwid said, offering the following data from a study of its 140,000 worldwide stores:

  • Businesses with both website and Facebook stores are averaging 15 percent of overall revenue from their storefronts on the social network.
  • The average revenue of each Ecwid-powered Facebook store rose 40 percent in 2011.

Ecwid Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ruslan Fazlyev said:

F-commerce is not only alive and well, it is growing. While some big brands have stumbled, our data shows that the SMB market is making progress on Facebook and other social sites. This may be where the real social commerce innovation is to be found.

Readers: Have you shopped via Facebook storefronts and, if so, have you purchased products from larger retailers, smaller companies, or both?