Eat24 Cooks Up Humor, Engagement For Facebook Success

By Justin Lafferty 

The most basic way to gain a Facebook following is to offer people something they like and talk with them about it. The people at Eat24, an online food-delivery service, have perfected this equation. Eat24 connects with foodies through Facebook, engaging in dialog about delicious dishes, while posting food-related humor and photos of tantalizing meals. The company has grown from a two-person operation to a company of more than 100 employees with a network of 20,000 restaurants across America.

One of the major reasons for Eat24’s growth is the way it has become popular through Facebook. Rare is the comment or question that goes unanswered, as Eat24 loves to engage with its fans, taking a personal approach to social marketing. The page continues to grow in popularity.

The company loves posting food humor, getting fans involved in the fun:

Eat24 also engages with Facebook fans, whether they post praises or complaints:

Patty Jordan, Eat24’s social media manager, spoke with AllFacebook about how the company has found success on the social network:

Any sort of platform or channel to talk more to our customers, we latch onto. Facebook has been a really great way for us to have fun and interact and engage with people. Having a real conversation, and not just like you’re talking to a customer-service person or a Facebook person, there’s real interaction going on there.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page, how do you get people engaged in a conversation?