Dropbox Update for Android Targets Photo-Sharing

By Cameron Scott 

photo sharing, social media, social networksPhoto-sharing is a red-hot area of competition among software companies right now, and Dropbox upped its game this week with updates to its mobile apps. The more substantial Android update allows users to organize photos into albums and share them with others who aren’t Dropbox users.

“Choose your favorite photos and videos from family gatherings, show off the amazing soufflĂ© you created with friends, or highlight your mad snowboarding skills with gorgeous albums that everyone can enjoy,” Dropbox said in a blog post.

After uploading photos, users can select those they want to batch edit. They can put them into a named album, create a link to share the selected photos via email, Facebook or Twitter, or delete the photos as a group.

Earlier this week, Dropbox launched an update for iOS that automatically organizes a user’s photos into a timeline according to when they were taken. But it appears iPhone users will have to wait to get the new features available on Android.