Infographic: Things You Can Tell About NFL Players by their Twitter Accounts

By Devon Glenn 

Do football players with more followers on Twitter have higher salaries? Clickit Ticket and Neo Mammalian Studios created this overview of popular football players and teams in the National Football League. They found some surprising connections between the microblogging platform and the game.

Higher follower counts do not always equal higher salaries, according to a comparison of the best-paid players in the NFL.

Nor does the number of Twitter followers determine the outcome of a particular season, as is evidenced by the Ravens’ defeat over the 49ers in the 2013 Super Bowl. Baltimore defeated the San Francisco-based team in spite of the latter’s strong social media fan base.

What you can learn about the players are their personalities, interests, and connections to other Twitter users.

Fun fact: NFL players are prohibited from tweeting 90 minutes before the kick off, but that doesn’t mean they always obey the rules. Some players have been fined for tweeting too soon before a game, as well as using the platform to complain about the league.

See these stats and more in the chart below.