ALERT: Free $10 Coupon Offer From Discounts Facebook Page Is A Scam

By Justin Lafferty 

Believing a gift card Facebook offer for Starbucks that seems too good to be true could land users in hot water. Dennis Yu, founder of BlitzLocal, tipped us off to this latest scam making the rounds on Facebook: offers from a shady page called Discounts (which appears to have been taken down already). Users who clicked on the offer for coupons from Starbucks and McDonald’s, among other brands, entered their email addresses, supposedly to receive loads of free goodies, but instead got hacked.

If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. A simple click on the Discounts page (which appears to have been taken down) shows that it offers all the legitimacy of a two-headed coin:

Legitimate Facebook offers will come directly from companies and will usually be discounts, not straight-up gift cards or coupons. If it’s something for free, you should probably do a little research to make sure you’re not entering a scam trap.

Yu told AllFacebook that roughly 8,000 people have claimed the offer for free McDonald’s food and 6,000 claimed it for free Starbucks coffee. The offers from Discounts take users to a page where they are asked for their email addresses. Again, if you get this far, just stop:

Readers: Have you seen Facebook friends fall for the Discounts scam?

Images courtesy of Dennis Yu. Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.