SUPER BOWL ADS: Winners And Losers On Facebook

By David Cohen 

DigimindSuperBowlSentimentIn the old days, viewers had to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see Super Bowl ads, but that’s not the case anymore, as social media monitoring and competitive intelligence company Digimind Social has the skinny on which Super Bowl ad campaigns are already catching on.

Digimind Social monitored online conversations from Jan. 24 through 30 and found that:

  • The most mentioned campaigns were those by Oikos (25 percent), Audi (16 percent), Budweiser (9 percent), Sodastream (7 percent), Coca-Cola (7 percent), and Jaguar (7 percent).
  • Oikos is dominating the battle for yogurt supremacy, accounting for 95 percent of the conversation in that sector, with much of the credit going to its “Full House” reunion.


  • The “Doberhuahua” hybrid helped propel Audi to the top of the automotive list, at 40 percent, followed by Jaguar at 17 percent, driven by its #goodtobebad hashtag, and Kia Motors in the No. 3 spot at 12 percent.


  • In terms of overall sentiment, illustrated in the graphic above, 83 percent of conversations about this year’s Super Bowl ad campaigns were positive, while just 12 percent were negative.
  • Budweiser’s puppy and Clydesdale ad was the only one to receive no negative sentiment, while it also tallied 97 percent positive mentions.

Readers: Have you watched any Super Bowl ads online yet?