10 Super Creative Demo Slam Videos To Inspire You To Think Outside The Box

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Google is inspiring people to get creative with technology with their Demo Slam competition, asking people to come up with insanely creative ways to demo Google products. Here are 10 great demos from Demo Slam, to inspire you to think outside the box with your own product demos.

Anat wrote a post last month here at Social Times, introducing Demo Slam. The competition is an outlet for video makers to showcase their talent and originality. Each week, two videos are pinned against each other and viewers vote to determine the champ for that week. Find out more in the video below, then check out 10 creative demos from Demo Slam below.

Demo Slam: Rushmore

A group of guys re-created Mount Rushmore in order to demo Google Goggles.

Demo Slam: Extra Spicy

This is one of my personal favorite Demo Slam videos. In this video, three girls demo Google Translate by ordering Indian food over the phone in Hindi. Watch the video to see if the girls got their food!

Demo Slam: Video Chat Magic

These two friends show off Gmail Video Chat in a super fun way. If you could really send things to friends through video chat like this it would be awesome.

Demo Slam: Realtime Karaoke

Two guys compose a silly song using the Google Realtime Search results for “babe”. “I’d still love you babe, even if you were a zombie.”

Demo Slam: Chubby Bunny

How many marshmallows do you think you could stick into your mouth and still have Google Search by Voice understand you when you say “Chubby Bunny”?

Demo Slam: 20ft Search

This guy gets air off a half-pipe in order to demo Google’s Search by Voice. He yells “kickflip” into the phone while doing a kickflip twenty feet in the air. Nice.

Demo Slam: Stealing the Logo

A group of artists show how you can change the background of your Google homepage by stealing the Google logo!

Demo Slam: Instant Elements

Tom Lehrer’s song about the elements make for a fantastic demo of Google Instant.

Demo Slam: Dance Search

Google’s own CFO Patrick Pichette really has the moves (or at least his body double does). “He” break dances while demoing Google Image Search refinements.

Demo Slam: Instant Music

CFO Pichette isn’t the only Google staffer getting in on the Demo Slam action. Google VP Udi Manber demos Google Instant, showing how “Google needs only a few letters to know what you need, just like a musician who needs only a few notes to play any genre.” Is he really playing all those instruments? Being the VP of Google, where did he have the time to lean all that?