How To Delete Your Facebook Applications

By Brian Ward Comment

Today we look at the simple, yet somewhat tricky, process of deleting your Facebook applications. I have written and covered quite a bit of Facebook applications in my time here, and recently have become overwhelmed with various updates, notifications, and even e-mails. Today we, “Clean out the old, and allow room for the new,” so to speak. Learn how to delete any unwanted Facebook applications below!

Step 1: Logging In

To start, log in to your Facebook profile.

Step 2: Privacy Settings

On the top right-hand corner of your home screen, you will see the “Account” drop box. Select the Privacy Settings option.

Step 3: Application Settings

The Privacy Settings Menu will look like what is pictured below.
On the bottom left-hand side you will see Applications and Websites. Choose the “Edit these sections” hyperlink.

Step 4: Choosing Your Privacy Settings: Applications, Games, and Websites

Upon clicking the “Edit these sections hyperlink” you will be taken to this screen.

The first sub-section that appears is Applications You Use. On the right hand side hit the button titled “Edit Settings.”

Step 5: Deleting applications

Once in applications, you may see a very long list of applications that you have acquired throughout your time on Facebook. Below is an example of just a few, as my list was rather extensive.
Go through and delete each application you are no longer using by click the “X” on the right side next to it, and yes unfortunately you do have go through each individually.

After this you should be left with the applications you choose to have, and keeping up with them should be a lot easier in the future.