Dailymotion Launches "DailyQuizz" Social Video Game

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Today leading online video entertainment site Dailymotion launched a fun new social video game feature called DailyQuizz. The launch comes just in time for Valentine’s Day, with four love-themed interactive video quizzes. Test your knowledge on a variety of romantic subjects from famous couples to love songs, romantic movies and TV romances.

According to a press release from Dailymotion, “The DailyQuizz feature leverages the site’s expertise at video curation and vast catalogue of high-quality clips to create an innovative new series of challenging games. For viewers, the games offer a fun and engaging social experience around their favorite videos that can easily be shared across popular social networking platforms, while advertisers can use the games to increase their video-based engagement through custom skins and branded video quizzes.”

I tried out the Romantic Movies DailyQuizz and you know what? It was pretty freakin’ fun. Basically, clips of movies play and viewers are asked questions about the clips and need to answer in the shortest time possible. Check out in an example in the screenshot below. I was asked ‘Who plays opposite Bogart in Casablanca?’ I answered ‘Ingrid Bergman’, which was correct of course. Booyah!

The Top 100 players get recognition on the site, so it pays to win! You have to be registered with Dailymotion to play, and the games can all be found at Dailymotion.com/lovequizz. According to the press release, “DailyQuizz will be rolled out with additional games in dozens of themes in the near future.” So all you unromantic curmudgeons out there can have something to look forward to.

What do you think of Dailymotion’s new DailyQuizz social video game feature?