Facebook Rejects Credo Mobile Anti-FWD.us Ad Over Use Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Image

By David Cohen 

Facebook is under fire for rejecting an ad from politically active mobile carrier Credo Mobile that criticizes FWD.us, the political advocacy group spearheaded by Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but the ad included a picture of Zuckerberg, in clear violation of the social network’s advertising policy.

The Washington Post reported that Credo Mobile is taking aim at FWD.us for its funding of ads that support Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), who supports the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. According to the newspaper, the pro-Graham ads were funded by an offshoot organization called Americans for a Conservative Direction.

However, Facebook told Credo Mobile in an email that the ad was rejected due to its use of Zuckerberg’s image, The Washington Post reported, and the social network told the newspaper:

(Facebook generally rejects) ads that contain Mark’s image because — not surprisingly — in our experience, those ads tend to be confusing for users, and frequently misleading. Users may click on the ad thinking it is a message from Mark or from Facebook, not understanding that they are actually in an advertisement seeking to take advantage of Mark’s image.

The rejected ad features Zuckerberg’s face next to the following text:

Hey Zuck, pull your ads supporting Keystone XL.

Credo Mobile Political Director Becky Bond countered by telling The Washington Post that the policy should not apply when the subject matter involves Zuckerberg’s activities outside of Facebook, adding that with Zuckerberg’s foray into politics, she objects to the fact that “you can’t use Facebook ads to talk about what Mark Zuckerberg is doing.”

Credo Mobile has been at odds with Zuckerberg in the past, leading a protest outside of his home in Palo Alto, Calif., during a February fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Readers: Do you think Facebook was within its rights to reject Credo Mobile’s ad?