Could This Be ‘The Social Network,’ Part Two?

By Justin Lafferty 

Liked The Social Network? You’ll love this. We found a discarded page from the screenplay of The Zuckerberg Nuptials, and we’re happy to share it with AllFacebook readers.

Okay, so it isn’t a real screenplay (yet), but could you imagine if Aaron Sorkin and the others got to work on portraying Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding with Priscilla Chan? Some writers let their imaginations run wild in The New York Times Magazine, with a scene that involves Facebook’s first couple, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, and Bill Clinton, among several other celebrity cameos:

He hands her an iPad, which reads “Zuckerberg Wife User Agreement.” She’s about to click on it when … the ceremony is interrupted by a helicopter landing right in the middle of the backyard! DONALD TRUMP jumps out, his wife, MELANIA, in tow. The wash from the rotors sends chairs flying. Trump’s hair does not move.


Am I too late? Melania and I were in town looking for my next wife, and I thought I heard the sound of a billionaire getting married without a prenup!


We don’t need a prenup, Mr. Trump. We’re in love.


Don’t be a moron. If you’re smart enough to fit a phone book into a computer, you’re smart enough to sign a prenup. Let me keep you from making some typical billionaire first-wife mistakes.


First wife? This is forever!

Something tells me that if this really were to be made into a movie, this scene would be left on the cutting-room floor. Maybe there’s also a scene where the Winkelvoss twins crash the wedding.

Readers: Since Jesse Eisenberg probably has the role of Zuckerberg locked up, who do you think should play Priscilla Chan?