Could Facebook Beat Yahoo And Purchase Tumblr?

By Justin Lafferty 

Myriad reports have said that Facebook has a problem with teen users eschewing the site for social networks such as Tumblr. A few sources have reported Friday that Yahoo may be trying to purchase Tumblr, but Facebook could also be in these discussions, as well. According to AllThingsD, Yahoo is rumored to be willing to pay up to $1 billion to purchase Tumblr, but Forbes and GigaOM think that Facebook could swoop in and add the blogging site. However, it’s unlikely that Facebook will get the chance.

It’s well-known that teens are apparently choosing social networks that their parents aren’t already on, such as Tumblr. According to a recent infographic by Right Mix Marketing, a survey shows that 61 percent of teens polled use Tumblr as their social media site of choice, with Facebook second at 55 percent.

Facebook has made inroads with regard to acquiring the talent behind blogging sites, as many saw the company’s purchase of Storylane in March as a challenge to Tumblr.

Forbes notes that right now, Yahoo has exclusive negotiating rights. So if the company decides it wants to make an offer, the interest of Facebook (or Microsoft) is irrelevant.

In a past interview with Forbes, Tumblr CEO David Karp said that he doesn’t want to be “absorbed into a behemoth of another company and raided for talent and traffic,” but he was open to being acquired by a company that would let Tumblr be Tumblr.

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