Facebook-Exclusive ‘Cosmopolitan’ Video Series Offers New Take on Life Hacks

By David Cohen 

Hacksmopolitan650Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan is offering its own take on daily life hacks and basic lifestyle tips with the launch of Facebook-exclusive video series “Hacksmopolitan,” available via the magazine’s Facebook page.

Meghan Peters, who works on strategic partnerships for news with Facebook, described Hacksmopolitan in a Facebook Media blog post:

From making a midday snack to nailing the perfect smoky eye, Cosmopolitan aims to help its readers live their everyday lives better — and with a little humor.

That’s why the magazine launched Hacksmopolitan, a new video series. Published exclusively on the Cosmopolitan Facebook page, the series takes a comedic spin on basic lifestyle tips. It’s geared toward Cosmo’s core audience of 20-something females and pokes fun at the “life hacks” or “how-to’s” often featured in online videos.

Hacksmopolitan videos are seeing 53 percent more shares than other Cosmo page posts, a testament to how the series strikes a chord with its audience. An episode demonstrating the smoky eye makeup technique had nearly five times more shares than the average Cosmo post and is one of the page’s top three most-viewed videos.

The series’ focus will develop over time to encompass some of the magazine’s most popular coverage areas, including body image and celebrity trends. Cosmopolitan will continue to post the videos daily in an effort to build a strong audience of video viewers for its page.

Cosmopolitan.com editor Amy Odell added:

Social media is the front page of millennials’ lives, and we’re constantly thinking about how we can use social media platforms, especially Facebook, to expand our reach and engage our audience. With 3 million monthly Facebook engagements and 5.6 million total fans on Cosmo’s Facebook page, we know our millennial reader is checking Facebook regularly, and so we wanted to create short, funny and shareable videos tailor-made for her to watch right in her News Feed.

Readers: What are your thoughts on Hacksmopolitan?