Facebook Benefits From ComScore’s Beta Release Of Media Metrix Multi-Platform

By David Cohen 

Facebook received an early holiday gift from ComScore in the form of the digital measurement firm’s new Media Metrix Multi-Platform, which places more emphasis on mobile usage, boosting the social network’s ranking.

ComScore said Media Metrix Multi-Platform, which was released in beta Thursday, factors in traffic from websites, applications, and video content from multiple devices, adding that the emphasis on mobile has led to some “substantial” increases, with:

  • 10 online properties reaching 100 million unique visitors in September via the Media Metrix Multi-Platform view, compared with six in a non-multiplatform view.
  • 28 reaching 50 million, versus 19.
  • 77 reaching 25 million, up from 51.
  • 410 topping the 5 million mark, compared with 334.

On ComScore’s list of the top 30 media properties in September, Facebook moved up one spot thanks to Media Metrix Multi-Platform, to third, from fourth in the traditional Media Metrix rankings.

The measurement company said Media Metrix Multi-Platform will remain in beta for the next several months so it can conduct a thorough data review and validation with its clients. Executive Vice President Jeff Hackett added:

We are excited to introduce our beta version of Media Metrix Multi-Platform, the next generation in digital audience measurement, offering a unified 360-degree view of digital consumer behavior across platforms and content types. With smartphones and tablets accounting for a rapidly expanding share of digital media consumption, ComScore recognized the need to evolve our industry-leading audience-measurement product to better represent this new paradigm. By developing proprietary methods to account for multiplatform audience overlap, we have designed a truly unique and innovative solution.

Readers: Do you think Media Metrix Multi-Platform will help provide more accurate data?