Compass Labs’ Social Advertising Optimizer Aims To Boost Facebook ROI

By Justin Lafferty 

Compass Labs, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in ads and insights, announced Wednesday the launch of its newest product — The Social Advertising Optimizer — which will help marketers gain return on investment from Facebook marketing campaigns.

The Social Advertising Optimizer strategically and automatically manages bids and ads in real-time in order to help marketers reach their campaign goals. It is available as a stand-alone solution or integrated into Compass Labs‘ CLIQ Ads Manager. It helps marketers quickly identify and optimize campaigns according to best placement, as well as best targeting, taking into mind the objectives.

Compass Labs clients using The Social Advertising Optimizer in beta have experienced a 17 percent decrease in conversion costs, with conversion rates higher than those achieved by display retargeting solutions.

Compass Labs Co-Founder and CEO Dilip Venkatachari discussed his company’s newest product:

The Social Advertising Optimizer revolutionizes traditional optimization models by enabling marketers to achieve maximum ROI based on multiple weighted campaign objectives, all with minimal operational interference. Advertisers can now optimize their strategy to garner very specific desired actions both on and off social, making this is a huge step in the evolution of Facebook as a customer acquisition platform.