Facebook Kicks Around College Football’s AP Top 25 Preseason Teams

By David Cohen 

The 2013 college football season kicked off with a handful of games Thursday night, and Data Editor Robert D’Onofrio helped Facebook users prepare for the first weekend of tailgating by analyzing the social network’s fans of the top 25 teams in the AP preseason rankings, uncovering some surprising findings, and some that were not so surprising.

Highlights of the analysis included:

University of Texas was the team with the most likes in the most counties in the U.S., at 543, followed by University of Florida at 423, Ohio State University at 376, University of Nebraska at 324, and University of Oregon at 233.

Three of the top 25 teams in the AP preseason rankings were not the favorite team in any county in the U.S.: University of California Los Angeles, Northwestern University, and Oregon State University.

Florida had the most fans in counties in the most states, at 27, followed by Ohio State at 24, and Texas at 23.

The state of Illinois had 10 teams represented across 102 counties, while Missouri boasted nine teams.

There were 10 states where every single county rooted for the same team. In five of those states, the team was based in that state, while in the other five, the favored school was located in another state:

Five teams in the AP preseason top 25 won only one or two counties: Clemson University and Stanford University with two apiece; and Texas Christian University, Texas A&M University, and Oklahoma State University only winning single counties.

Unusual pairings of teams and locations included: University of Notre Dame fans in eastern Pennsylvania; Ohio State fans in Arizona; Florida finishing No. 1 in Jasper County, Ga.; Texas fans in the middle of Maine; and Florida fans in the Northeast.

Readers: Are you ready for kickoff?

Football image courtesy of Shutterstock.